14 + 1 tips for learning guitar

All musicians know the feeling of fulfillment playing an instrument causes.

It is one of those things in your life, that just really needs to be experienced, it just can't be described. Should you be considering learning an instrument, the guitar is a superb option. Just lifting your own guitar and performing a song anytime you feel like it is comparable to practically nothing else.

As with things rewarding in life, it will take practice, but is going to bring about an experience that is certainly worth it.

Once you start, you'll never look back again. There will be ups and downs, but if you keep going with it, you will get better and better.

Here are some excellent tips on learning guitar

Read about the anatomy of the acoustic guitar, what it really is made of, how it functions. This sounds unproductive at first, but knowing how something operates is always an initial step up learning how exactly to utilize it.

  1. Practice guitar chords. These will be open chords in the beginning.
  2. Discover ways to strum your acoustic guitar in rhythm. This will be significant, since rhythm is everything in music.
  3. Learn a few guitar songs. You are able to actually get started playing tracks early on. Needless to say, they will be straight forward tunes, but hey, all great guitarists had to start off somewhere too.
  4. Study something new regularly, as well as learn to use it in real tunes too.
  5. Learn guitar and music theory. This is very important later on, and it is required before you can actually start trying to play your very own solos and improvising.
  6. Practice as much as you are able to, this is truly the key to teaching yourself your guitar.
  7. If a guitar string just isn't ringing clean, or is even rattling, you may be either not holding it down hard enough, or one of your fingers is coming in contact with a string it’s not intended to be. Look at your fingers.
  8. Whilst fretting a given chord, make sure to not ever bend any other strings. This will affect the pitch of that string, which means that your chord will most likely sound wrong and the instrument will most likely seem in need of tuning.
  9. When teaching yourself a new chord, just pluck one string at once. Pay attention to the distinct tone of every string.
  10. The simplest way to teach yourself guitar chords is slowly and gradually at first. You must teach your hands precisely where to move, prior to speeding up.
  11. The only secret to getting great at playing the guitar is daily practice.
  12. You want to keep your axe in plain view where you are able to see it. Do not keep it out of sight, it might simply just stay in that location forever.
  13. Be inspired, through learning how to play well-known songs from the start. Learning to play fun music tends to make a big difference, and will help you practice more.
  14. Learn the essentials initially, and build on them.

As you start learning, you'll encounter difficulties. A lot of people quit right there, but you won't.

TIP: One way to to keep yourself motivated is to learn popular beginner guitar songs at an early period already. Playing easy songs is much more exciting than practicing basic exercises, since you are going to be playing songs you've known for years.

And rest assured, practice enough, and you will definitely be able to do it soon, guaranteed. This method of mastering the guitar will work, no question about it.

And a final bit of motivation, my favorite from BB King.

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