4 Simple G Minor Guitar Chord Shapes (with Charts)

The Gm chord on the guitar is an important chord to master. You will use this particular chord in a great many songs, so learning it well is essential if you desire to play your favorite songs on the instrument.

In this post, I will illustrate a few ways to tackle the Gm chord in case you're a new guitar student. Additionally, you will discover more challenging voicings of the Gm guitar chord at the bottom of the post, as well as the barre chord version.

We need to start out with some simple music theory concerning the Gm guitar chord.

Chords consist of 3 musical notes, meaning that you need to play 3 notes to form the Gm chord. All these notes are derived from the Gm scale.

Which notes do you need to play the Gm chord?

The Gm guitar chord is comprised of notes G, Bb, and D.

You'll discover several chord charts in this post. The numbers on the dots will indicate which finger goes where:

  • The 1st finger is your index finger
  • The 2nd finger is your middle finger
  • The 3rd finger will be the ring finger
  • The 4th finger is your pinky

If you're not acquainted with reading chord charts yet, learn about them first.



How To hold down the Gm chord on guitar

Here are several ways to play the Gm chord on the guitar.

Quick tip: an easy way to become familiar with a brand new guitar chord is to make use of the chord-on/chord-off system. You just need to play the chord, strum, let go, and do it again.

Practice each voicing loads, and you'll learn them soon.

Simplest Gm chord for beginner guitar players

This is the most straightforward way to finger the Gm guitar chord. As you will observe from the chord chart which follows, you only need one finger to play this particular chord shape.

This shape is actually derived from the Gm barre chord, which you'll be learning later. Note that this is a chord inversion, which means that the G is not the lowest note played in the chord.

Very simple Gm chord fingering

G Minor 2 Guitar Chord Finger Position

This is how to fret the Gm chord:

  • Place your 1st finger onto strings 1-3 at fret 3.
  • Strings 4-6 are not played.

Now pluck each note in the chord, making certain that all of the notes ring out clearly.

Good job, you can play a Gm chord!

The sound might seem just a little thin, but this is because you are strumming just a couple of strings. Fuller sounding voicings of the Gm are yet to come.

Gm Guitar Chord 2

Gm guitar chord variation

Keep reading because I have another version of the Gm chord, this is a commonly used one also. It is a much lower voicing version than the previous one.

Gm chord alternate variation

G Minor Guitar Chord Finger Position

Here are the finger positions to this voicing of the Gm.

  • Place your first finger on string A at fret 1.
  • Your third finger will go to string low E at fret 3.
  • Strings d and G are played open.
  • Strings B and high E are not played.

Now pluck each string in the chord, and be sure the chord is ringing clearly.

At this point you know 2 ways to form the Gm, congrats!

Gm Guitar Chord 1

More versions of the Gm guitar chord

There are actually countless versions of the Gm, you have now learned the most used voicings.

Allow me to share the chord charts to numerous other versions to the Gm chord.

Under what circumstances would you use which? It hinges on a couple of things:

  1. You will mostly choose a voicing which is near where you are on the guitar fretboard already.
  2. The genre might also affect the place where you form the chord. As an example, you play lower variations in heavy metal and rock, while in funk, you use higher ones.

Video guitar lesson for inexperienced players on the Gm chord

Because music is an audible art, here's a terrific YouTube guitar tutorial on the correct way to finger the Gm chord.

Take note of the teacher's fingers and wrist placement.

The Gm barre chord

Barre chords are quite hard, so if you have just started learning guitar, it might be better to stay with the easier variations until you get better.

If you have been playing for some time now and would like to learn how to play the barre chord variation of the Gm, read on.

Let us start with the E shape barre chord voicing of the Gm barre chord, rooting on the lowest string.

G Minor Barre 2 Guitar Chord Finger Position

This is how to play the Gm barre chord rooting on the low E string:

  • Use your 1st finger to form a barre over all strings at fret 3.
  • Now your ring finger goes to fret 5 on the A string.
  • And your 4th finger onto fret 5 on string D.

And of course, pluck each string in the chord and ensure the chord rings out nicely. You do not want to hear muted notes or buzzing strings.

Gm Guitar Chord 4

Bar chords are difficult, you'll have to practice them quite a bit.

Another widely used version of the Gm chord makes use of the A shape barre chord.

G Minor Barre Guitar Chord Finger Position

Here's how to fret the Gm barre chord rooting on the A string:

  • Use your 1st finger to form a barre on strings 1-5 at fret 10.
  • Now go ahead and line up your other fingers to form a standard A minor shape barre chord by putting your middle finger onto string B at fret 11.
  • Now your ring finger goes to fret 12 on the D string.
  • And lastly your pinky on fret 12 on string G.

Now strum the chord, and make sure the chord is ringing clearly. As I mentioned, barre chords are challenging. Do not expect to master them in a day.

Gm Guitar Chord 3

Practice frequently and you will definitely be able to hold down the Gm barre chord very soon.

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